Install Guide

    1. Always clean the plastics, even if they're new. New plastics sometimes have an oil film that can prevent the adhesive from working as well as it should.
    2. Line up two points of the graphics to the plastics and lightly tack the center of the graphics to the plastics.
    3. If things aren't aligned correctly, pull it off and start over. As long as your plastics are clean, this won't damage anything.
    4. Once the piece is aligned correctly, press the graphics on firmly, working from the center out. This allows the air channels in the adhesive to work, ensuring there are no bubbles.
    5. Plastics can vary slightly, so don't be scared to trim off edges if they hang over corners.
    Helpful tools:
      • Cleaning Solution
      • Squeegee
      • Heat Gun
      • Razor Blade