Honda 'SPEED' Series Number Plate Graphics

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Available for 1999-2023 / 50cc-450cc / CR CRF Models

At UXA we have created a full line of pre-designed Graphics Kits for your convenience, saving you both time and money. Each kit comes complete with your name, number and logos as specified by you during the order process.

Custom Background Kits Include:Front Number Plate Decal, Side Number Plate Decals, and Air Box Decals on most models.

Ordering Process: Once the order is received, we will put the artwork together exactly as you have ordered it. We will email you a proof for your confirmation. Once confirmed the kit will be printed and shipped directly to you.

Quality: All UXA graphics are printed on a high tac vinyl, then overlayed with a thick high gloss laminate to create a 21 mil thick decal specifically for motocross bikes. We also use a unique Air Release Vinyl which allows micro air-bubbles to escape from under the graphic material. This helps ease of application, reducing ripples and air pockets

Plastics not included.



6.0mil Ultra-Aggressive Print Media w/FLO Technology

Ultracurve X1 is a revolutionary print film with FLO Technology, allowing for bubble-free application of graphics to motocross bikes, ATVs, karts, and other extreme applications.

15.0mil Premium Clear Overlaminate

Specifically engineered for motocross, ATVs, snowmobiles, side-x-sides, helmets, and other extreme applications requiring exceptional protection, durability, and flexibility.

Weight -